You may say I'm a Dreamer....

Have you ever risked sharing something vulnerable? Last week I was invited to sing at an acousitic jam at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale CA. I decided to open my set with a ballad which is typically not done. Well actually- it was not just a typical ballad but specifically Eva Cassidy's cover of John Lennon's iconic anthem of peace: IMAGINE. Have your heard it? 

 This song has been weighing on my heart and wanting to come out and share- even in this unlikely nightclub. Im not going to lie, although I love this song dearly I was not certain that it was going to go over in this environment and with this audience. Often while rehearsing I would be overcome with emotion when singing it and in the back of my mind I was a little frightened to open myself up and share my heart. Long story short, turns out I am NOT the only one! The dreamers of the world still believe in peace and love and unity. I am glad I opened my heart and shared. With great risk comes great rewards. Click Here to check out a video of our performance! 


PS: check it out plus the entire playlist for my recent acoustic set below and be sure to like and subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel.

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