New Single Drowning in a Sea of Love 

II am delighted to announce that the third of the three singles from my recent recording sessions at Chabot College in Hayward, CA is now available at my website and also soon to drop on all major music platforms. The track is a cover of the soul classic Drowning in a Sea of Love made famous by Joe Simon. 

I was actually unfamiliar with the song until I discovered the Eva Cassidy version while compiling my Eva Cassidy Setlist Repetoire. I was so excited to be able to record it. Although it was the last of the three singles that were published, it was actually the first track that was recorded in the studio. We recorded on Oct 4, 2023 with:

  • Aeriol Ascher Vocals
  • Gary Rosen Bass
  • Dan Powers Drums
  • Paul Fehrenbach Rhythm Guitar
  • Philip Goldworth Keys

We later added in the amazing instrumental guitar work of Aaron Madsen and a lead guitar part by the multi talented Justin Ward, who added a little B3 magic as well. We cooked it until it came to a simmer until we arrived at our mastered mix that we hope you will really like!

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Thank You for your support,
Aeriol Ascher


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