New Single: Fool in Love 

In the late summer of 2023 I got the idea to record a collaborative song with musicians and vocalists from San Jose, CA. I hand-picked talented musicians and vocalists that I knew personally from my community and began lining up the details to record a fun “one off” song: “Fool in Love” by Tina Turner (actually chosen by someone else!) at a local college audio production studio.

It was incredible to me how easily and almost effortlessly the right people showed up and the stars aligned to have our calendars and our talents meet in order to get the "Fool in Love” tracks laid at Chabot College Studio in late October 2023. 

To my surprise, the “Fool in Love project” spawned a women's chorus side project called “the Starlights” and two other studio recording sessions which resulted in 2 other single tracks: Wayfaring Stranger (released in Nov '23) and Drowning in a Sea of Love (coming soon).

For the Fool in Love project we had a wonderful band featuring:

  • Aeriol Ascher Lead Vocals
  • Johnny Cat Soubrand on Lead Guitar
  • George Brandau on Drums
  • Gary Rosen on Bass
  • Justin Ward on Keys
  • Jack Sanford on Sax
  • Paul Fehrenbach on Rhythm Guitar

Also featuring the Starlightz women's chorus:

  • Nicole Saunders
  • Lisa Valverde
  • Janeen Salcido
  • Kristy Hughes

It is hard to express how grateful I am to have led such a talented group and to co-create something that is uniquely ours. So many people focused their hearts, time and talents into creating this recording. So, what is next?

Myself and the Starlightz women's chorus were recently featured in a local artist's showcase where we performed our rendition of Fool in Love live with resounding success. We hope to bring our vocal harmonies and strong girl power presence to local venues and stages in 2024.

Please enjoy our rendition of Fool in Love!

Aeriol Ascher

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