New Single: Wayfaring Stranger 

I am so very pleased to announce that my first official music single is now available on all major music platforms. The track is a cover inspired by Eva Cassidy's jazz version of the traditional American Spiritual song Wayfaring Stranger.
Our track was recorded at the state of the art studio at Chabot College in Hayward, CA in November 2023 and features the amazing talents of:
  • Justin Ward on Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar and Hammond organ
  • Paul Fehrenbach on Rhythm
  • Gary Rosen on Bass
  • Kevin Coggins on Drums
  • and myself,  Aeriol Ascher on Vocals
I have known each of these talented artists and their work for a very long time and I feel lucky enough to call them my friends. But honestly, it was only by chance that we all came together to do this particular recording session, and for that I feel truly blessed.
As far as song selection, I have been performing this particular song for quite some time in various settings. Not only do I love the song itself, but it is considered a public domain piece which has come in handy. In the past, before I had my own version of the song, I was able to perform it on several occasions when copyright issues became complicated, including once on a live public access TV show (Justin Ward accompanied me that time as well!). Good times.
I hope you enjoy our rendition of Wayfaring Stranger. 
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Thank You for your support,
Aeriol Ascher

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