You may say I'm a Dreamer....

Have you ever risked sharing something vulnerable? Last week I was invited to sing at an acousitic jam at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale CA. I decided to open my set with a ballad which is typically not done. Well…

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Upcoming Aeriol & The Starlightz  

The Starlightz and I had so much fun  recording of "A Fool in Love" by Tina Turner in the studio late last year. 
According to Wikipedia “A Fool in Love” was the 1960 debut single of Ike &…

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Sound Healing: How does it work?



Sound Healing: How Does it Work?

Sound Healing, or Sound Therapy as it is sometimes called, works through the use of frequencies and vibrations. The Universe, and everything in it, is in constant motion, and this produces vibrations and energy…

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New Single Drowning in a Sea of Love 

II am delighted to announce that the third of the three singles from my recent recording sessions at Chabot College in Hayward, CA is now available at my website and also soon to drop on all major music platforms. The…

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New Single: Fool in Love 

In the late summer of 2023 I got the idea to record a collaborative song with musicians and vocalists from San Jose, CA. I hand-picked talented musicians and vocalists that I knew personally from my community and began lining up…

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New Single: Wayfaring Stranger 

I am so very pleased to announce that my first official music single is now available on all major music platforms. The track is a cover inspired by Eva Cassidy's jazz version of the traditional American Spiritual song Wayfaring Stranger. … Read more

Reiki Energy Healing for daily Self Care

Reiki energy healing for emotional and spiritual well-being as part of a daily selfcare practice

What is Reiki?

"Reiki" is a Japanese method of energy healing that can therapeutically provide miraculous signs. In Japanese, the word "Rei" means "universal," and…

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Essential Oils To Ease Stiff Joints

Whether your joint pain is caused by an active lifestyle, arthritis, or aging, it can greatly affect your day to day life. Living with pain has emotional, mental and of course physical ramifications. Pain influences the whole self.